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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Media Bill Is The Not The Only Problem


The manner in which the Kenyan media continues to devote virtually all it’s coverage to politics and politicians is getting out of hand, and spells the doom of real growth in Kenya. The latest irritating example is a half-page article by Assistant Minister of Information Koigi wa Wamwere, appearing on page 29 of the Sunday Nation of 5th August 2007.

It beats logic why the print and broadcast media in Kenya insists on pursuing this deplorable policy. The signal it sends is that the media in Kenya caters primarily for politics and politicians, and so the rest of Kenya should look elsewhere for representation.

Koigi wa Wamwere for instance, has become an irritant and an eyesore, despite his distinguished standing as one of the very few individuals who dared challenge both President Kenyatta and President Moi. Koigi wa Wamwere regularly features on virtually all radio stations, television stations and newspapers, including the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), the Royal Media Group, Kiss 100, Classic 105.2, the Nation Media Group, Baraza Limited, Kenya Times Media Trust (KTMT), the People Daily and even Swahili broadcasts of the BBC World Service on 93.7 FM Nairobi, 93.9 FM Mombasa and 88.2 FM Kisumu. As an Assistant Minister for Information, Koigi wa Wamwere also wields considerable influence over the state owned and managed Kenya News Agency (KNA), which has bureaus in virtually all corners of this country.

As the Member of Parliament for Subukia, Koigi wa Wamwere also has the ultimate platform of Parliament. Following not too far behind in Koigi’s example, are other equally prominent politicians such as Raila Odinga, Mutula Kilonzo, Peter Anyang Nyongo and Assistant Minister of Education, Kilemi Mwiria. The absurdity does not end there. Not too long ago, the Standard newspaper ran a half page article by Cuban President Fidel Castro...

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Taabu said...

Politicians are doing exactly what bloggers are doing here rant, rant and rant some more. The only difference is that they are paid handsomely to mouth these balderdash. Soon we will be a talking nation with her citizens' mouths on the sixth gear and perfectly oiled.

But youcan'y fault Kenyans for shamelessly and eloquently bandying theories they have no intention of living and practicing themselves. It is all in the spirit of LET ME SHOW THEM. It amounts to slick motions devoid of real movements. And the vicious circle continues. Surely every Kenyan must be having a price and even their brains can be hired too.

vikii said...

I have read it all here that the primary business of any media house is to make profits, just like all other businesses. Now tell me Chris, what do the kenyan people like to read? It is politics that sells in kenya. This blog carries 90% political stuff and the day you will try a change, expect a huge decrease in traffic. Anybody who visited any kenyan pub during the entire EPL pre season will tell u there has been nothing else to talk about. Politics,politics and politics.

Now I do not understand why you are so angered by Koigi wa Wamwere. Most of his participation in the talkshows is by invitation. The same thing can be said about Mutula Kilonzo, Raila Odinga and Kilemi Mwiria. They have the option of honouring the invitations or turning them down. You do not want to choose for them, do u?

About articles submitted by the likes of Koigi Wamwere in newspapers, i think it would make more sense if u challenged what they write. What is it that u dont agree with? Koigi Wamwere's article for example falls under the 'opinion' section of te 'Nation'. That means Koigi is giving his views about the African Question. You have a right to send out a response to his article. Of course for it to be published, it must address the points raised and not just a case of registering a general dislike of the man.

Koigi has addressed the issue of colonization of the African mind. Dont u think it is true? He has gone ahead and registered his regrets that we tend to shun the straight-forward leaders and instead favour the very same people who steal from us. Dont u think that is true? He has condemned tribalism, laziness and retarded reasoning which actually form the bulk of the African problem.

What is it that u dont agree with mr. Kumekucha? Koigi has a right to express his opinions. U don't have to agree with them. U just need to put up or shut up!

luke said...

Chris,remember when nation columnist Gitau Warigi described some of us as simply being a noisy and opinionated lot? i lost my top and stated here that we shall continue to be noisy and opinionated online-consider ours to be the equivalent of a Mwalimu Mati&co demonstration that is peaceful and will not be disrupted

Caution; wherever people are restrained from venting their frustrations and airing their grievances, (especially if they are real and pressing)even though it may be in vain, you are sitting on a ticking time bomb

The same way here at Kumekucha we have said and continue to say no to any commentator who will come and hurl matusi in the name of getting their point across and making their voice heard, and the same way Kumekucha pioneered the first ever online Kenyan campaign against political violence to stop it (the first known to me at least) is the same way we are going to have to say no to whatever ills stalk and plague our society including Govt

If we don't speak up and speak out for ourselves who will? Derek has mentioned here before kenyans are a docile people-we just don't know how to keep up a sustained drive against the ills that plague us as a society. may we use the office of the ombudsman wisely

Hence why Raila was accussed of being alarmist when he raised the alarm about the mamluks that short-term memory kenyans have now forgotten about. what is to stop them from coming back?Do we now trust Minister Michuki more?

Mukhisa Kituyi may have learnt how to channnel his civil society activist days into useful MP and cabinet minister portfolio activities nowadays but the common mwananchi should never sleep nor slumber as far as safe-guarding the state of our nation is concerned

Are we quiet because we are not bothered? or are things getting better now so people like me are being too over-excited? What makes great countries are the people may we not sleep hata kama ni unono

Taabu said...

Kenyans leaders have taken dishonety to new levels. And there is the genesis of lackof integrity without which no true and honest leaderhip can emerge in all this crowd.

You smell dishonesty when a bogger from Bondo showers Wanyiri Kihoro with praises and shedding crocodile tears that he is a victim of our tribal politics and chiefs. Another of the same dishonest bend will say Orengo is the best whose path was blocked.

Make no mistake. These two examples are in a class of their own by happing on 'ifs' to latently massage your bias is not sustainable. Or worse still spewing subjective lectures packaged as tested truth.

You see our leaders are smart students and they overtake us in propaganing division and pettiness. They see us fighting e-wars on their behalf as they enjoy five-course meals together (Karen). Meanwhile none of our individual frequencies benefit even from a faint signal from their radar. We all seem to have a price tag and for hire ama?

kalamari said...

With this media bill hullabaloo, why can’t Kibaki see the light? Throwing the bill out the window will definitely score him some points. Signing it will not loose him votes but will slightly increase the number of those voting against him.
Unless of course the fix was in from day one. This type of political game has been played elsewhere. The gist includes introducing a highly unpopular government supported bill as elections near, sail it successfully through parliament, present it to the president, let it sit at his desk for a couple of weeks as affected parties wail and lament. In the last stage, the president throws it out or sends it back to the house for revision… thereby appearing heroic… a fighter of the people.

vikii said...

Mwalimu Taabu, a five course meal must be a real deal. I thought a three course does it all the time. I have now included that in my list things I am setting out to do before the year winds up---Having a five course meal that is.

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