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Friday, August 10, 2007

Mboya Son's Statement Today: Why Solving This Murder Is The Starting Point For A New Kenya


There is something very important that I would like to clarify.

Firstly, to make my point clearer, I will be forced to reveal one of my secret weapons. Although, as I have said here very often in the past, Mrs Kumekucha hates politics with a capital "H", I usually use her to gauge the response of the Kikuyu community to various hot political issues. And it has proved to be very accurate because true enough her exact honest reaction is exactly what I will end up encountering here in this blog and elsewhere from other members of the community.

Today I was very nice to her and did a few things that I knew usually make her happy and put her in a good mood (I really love the woman to bits, even after 20 plus years). Then I presented to her the long revealing letter from Tom Mboya's son (published here) about his father's killers.

Her first response surprised me; "Is this a strategy to help...

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derek said...

This is another FIRST for Kumekucha. Congrats Chris. All the BEST.

vikii said...

Should we start with July 5 1969 or Feb 25 1965 when Pio Gama Pinto was gunned down? This is a classical case of some animals being equal than others. What u r proposing is a noble cause but for reasons u already know, count me out.

Anonymous said...


There are so many bad things that have happened in Kenya since 1963 such as the political eliminations, silencing of people with different opinions, the defacing of the constitution, mwakenya arrests/trials/killings, Nyayo house 'prosecutions', politically instigated land clashes, tribalism in running state and other affairs, corruption, etc, etc.

The victims and/or their families are todate afraid to come out and demand justice. TJM's affair is just one amongst many ills visited upon Kenyans by successive regimes that needs to be resolved.

I think the way to go will be a truth and reconciliation process, but only if the aggressors are willing to take responsibity for their actions (confess) and the victims are willing to forgive (and not necessarily forget).


Phil said...


Thanks for this campaign. So long as the stories you publish here remain in your archies, the truth shall be unearthed and those responsible shall be brough to justice.

I just wish to interject and say even Dr. Odhiambo Mbai's killer is a well known petty criminal in Route 46, *he actually pulled the trigger on Mbai* and he is a free man and roaming in a Tanzanian town near the Kenya border. The personalities who hired these thugs from the Congo area of Kwangware in Nairobi have been positively identified and are serving this government. Dr. Ouko's killers are well known personalities in Kenyan security apparatus. Similarly, the people who ordered his murder are also well known and freely going about their lives..I think the same goes for JM Kariuki.

But I believe thaat one day these murderers and their accomplices will be brought to book.

Just keep the fire burning!

luke said...

I applaud Lucas desire and quest to get to the bottom of the matter and find out the truth about who really killed his father. That's noble, and no one can argue against that
We may or may not know it, but the likes of the Pinto family, Ouko family, JM Kariuki family, Mbai family and any other Kenyans whose loved ones lives were cut short with suspicious state overtones to boot are also seeking the truth in their own way to see justice served

Don't give up. Others may not understand or even question why but surely unless they're in your shoes....they don't know. Even Julie Ward's father is still seeking the truth about his daughter's death just 19 years ago to date. Thank God for the internet the last frontier for freedom of press and speech(as far as Kenya is concerned-what we're talking about now would almost never happen either in the new "democratically expanded" working nation Kenya or in its brother the old Kenya

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