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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Linah Chebii Kilimo Abandons Kalonzo To Support Kibaki's Re-election Bid


The defection of Marakwet East MP and former Migration cabinet minister Linah Chebii Kilimo from ODM-Kenya to the Mwai Kibaki re-election camp today is significant in that it gives us a peek into the thinking that has been going on in the numerous meetings the Kalenjin community have been having over the last few days.

The meetings are part of the tribal groupings that have been coming together to map out strategy for the forthcoming polls and mainly to position communities to reap maximum. Until now the attractive Mrs Kilimo who "escaped the circumcision knife" by a whisker, has been a staunch supporter of Kalonzo Musyoka's ODM. She was even at the forefront of the demonstration to Sheria House that sent shivers down the spine of government and caused them to release the registration certificate pronto. But alas the sacrifice in the end did not amount to much because that is the registration certificate that Kalonzo Musyoka took off with together with his "Mtu wa mkono" Daniel Maanzo. In fact Mrs Kilimo sacrificed much more than risking police brutality in a demonstration because she sacrificed her plum cabinet post by supporting Raila Odinga and LDP in the bitter struggle over another paper called a memorandum of understanding that President Kibaki is said to have agreed to and signed. So when all the renegade cabinet members were being dismissed, Mrs Kilimo was on the list of those shown the door. But I digress.

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derek said...

Kenyan women have occupied substantial acres of news coverage this week. From the cook-owner-proprietor-mother-in-law, to Martha Karua denigrating her colleagues in the media to Linah Kilimo, they have enjoyed it.
To Linah, I cordially invite you to join the winning team. This is a team, as you left it, determined to make a difference in our country. It is the team without hammer flinging goons, tribal chiefs or foul language. You have joined the BEST. Simply the BEST.

Taabu said...

Linah is only doing what the rest have done and she has all the right to do so. As they say if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen. And who said food only comes from the kitchen? You can as well survive on frozen stuff.

Madam Kilimo knows which side of her bread needs buttter and who has the slices and the jar. 5 years is lifetime in politics and she is not naive. After oscilating between RO and KM, she knows better. Marakwet need the governement more than the govt needs it. If you recall 4+ years ago its was a Kenyan Kosovo of sorts.

A cacth is a catch regardless of the size. The next 100+ days will see political magma ozing from every corner of Kenya. But whether they erupt to form a moutain or get swept by the ensuing floods is another matter all together. Swearing on any political move in Kenya is the height of naivity. we can do all the predictions and extrapolation but given the fluid status of our political landscape you only swear at the risk of constipation after swallowing all your declarations.

The Chepkonga guy (ODM-K SG) is Linah's constituent. So is her defection a sign of bigger things to follow? Only time will tell and all I have are the pair on my anterior in anticipation of political entertainment royale. Welcome to politics and democracy minted in Kenya.

luke said...

haya, T minus 121 days and counting...

Vikii said...

Chris I will correct something. Linah Kilimo was always anti MOU. In fact I am surprised yo call her a Raila Odinga supporter. Raila once said 'Ukiona simba amenyeshewa utafikiria ni paka' and she used that remark to deride him every time she got the opportunity. She is on record telling the LDP to either put up or shut up. Linah only defected to the LDP after she was fired from the cabinet. You would have been right if used she joined Raila in campaigning against the Wako draft.

Linah Kilimo was in the ODM faction of Kalonzo after Ruto stepped down for Raila. She was actually the one encouraging Abraham Chepkonga and she was a frequent visitor at his rural home.

She has now defected to Mwai Kibaki's team. She just doesnt want to be in the opposition in January. Not less than 30 mps will defect to the Kibaki side from the opposition in the next two months. Crucial realignments these ones if you ask me.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Usione Simba amelala ukadhani paka.
By the way, am the only one who has heard ODM being described as the Odinga Dictatorial Movement? I wonder how long it will remain unshattered.

kalamari said...

kilimo was with kalonzo...not raila.

shook_1 said...

What a bitch!

Phil said...

Its democcracy, kenyan style.

Chris, whats with you and Raila? Jebii was in ODM-K. Raila is in ODM. Both were in the vuguvugu wa chungwa, but the lady has never identified with Raila side. Kamotho was first to support Kibaki from ODM-K LDP wing. Jebii has followed. They obviously have their reasons. We can identify for you others - we know some of them were sent to wreak havoc from within.

Another thing, you will soon see bigger and juicier defections to ODM. I cant mention names, but they are on the way. Just hold your breath, Chris, ODM is not about individual/s but about building a strong nationalistic team.

Anonymous said...

she has realised that foreskins are unhealthy, & disgusting. bravo

luke said...

anonymous, very very low blow my fellow blogger.i'm the junior e-cop around here (Mwalimu Taabu is at the alert and ready as well),na yeye utaweza kweli?better to hear it from me man, no Kenyan tribe deserves to be besmirched here the way you just did with that hardly indiscrete verbal abuse. It warrants an apology but i won't ask, you can keep it to yourself with that kind of mouth and mind
Useless kabisa wewe

Taabu said...

Anonymous you must have though of anything that would earn you a reply. And sure you won't be disappointed. If all you think of as a human being if with part of your anatomy projecting from your nether parts then I am sorry I have to disppoint you. You are all alone and burdening your shoulders with a shell won't earn you any sympathy.

Argue brother (sure ladies are more civilized) and don't shout with tired one liners. Let the owners and users of foreskins complain in private but don't reduce us to that level of village reasoning. That is SO LOW, please add some quality to separate the ears andbanish the vacuum.

derek said...

Huyo ni nani bwana? Please anonymous has never been somebody's name. I think we are above such discussion and please stop testing our perseverance and patience on such matters. Like someone who has also written ‘bitch’ in one of the posts. Sorry I have to comment on your post, but please act civil if you are not. That is my request.

mnjoro said...

Madam kilimo is my hero. I surely admire her courage and faith to just do the right when she realises she wasnt doing the right. I wish we had ten only mps like her who will never be hypocrites. We love you mum. keep up.

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