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Friday, August 31, 2007

Leaked Kroll Report And Looted Moi Billions Puts Moi On Mobutu Sese Seko Level


This is what citizen journalism is all about. Earlier today somebody left links in this blog about a leaked report by a leading international private investigations organization called Kroll.

By the time I got to the wiki page, somebody had deleted it. That person does not understand the way the web functions and this was an exercise in futility. I am sure another copy will turn up on the web very soon.

The report and extracts copied from it are shocking to say the least (although I have said a lot of similar things in this blog for months now...

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Taabu said...

Chris either you are fearing for your blog or just playing it safe. The Kroll report is till there on the wikileaks site. The Gurdian (UK) carried it almost verbatin. They contacted Kroll whose spokesperson refused to confirm nor deny (DIPLOSPEAK for its true, ehe?). Moi and Lee Njiru were unavailable (conviniently of course).

Anyhow, according to Alfie Mutua the report was based on rumours and meant to score politically. You see we have no right on a 2004 report paid for by taxpayers.

That said, Chris MUST BE CONDEMNED FOR SELLING US TO WAZUNGU. You have marketed and ropped Kroll in your RUINING business. Whatever your paymasters have for you, you must be one filthy reach chap. Stop ruining the growing economy please. Those money (2B pounds) was all wired back and buiding roads. Na hiyo ni maendeleo. Luka bado siku ngapi my faithful brother?

John Maina said...

Men! reading the nation headlines just sends shivers down my spine all i am left asking is why, why, why.

Based on this report kibaki should be sent packing. This man never acted on the report since 2004 and even went on to initiate his own mega corruption i.e. anglo-leasing.

Who will save kenya?

luke said...

Deputy Luke the ruiner reporting for duty Oga Sir!
Just another typical day with me going about my business as per usual. I decide to check out Kumekucha, looking for diverse, one-of-a-kind real politik commentary&analysis, the kind i've become accustomed to receving from Chris&his co-ruiners who all suffer from powerful political amnesia with powerfoam
...but wait...what's this? do my eyes deceive me?no!it can't be?

"...ODM aspirants could all drop their bids at the last minute for another Kikuyu candidate....His name is John Githongo..." (hat-tip Bwana Phil)

never has a single man living without the company of any cats or dogs to share his flowerless servants-quarters with had such a merry day without the help of sport, food, music or the company of an attractive lady! you mean JG may be an upcoming attraction featuring in what will otherwise be a lack-lustre and colourless December election?
(Mwalimu, its T minus 112 days by my count, but Chris has messed up my calculations)
Bring him in I say!Even though his ethics may be more powerful than new persil with stain remover, he still won't be able to wash clean either ODM or any other political party. Either way,i don't have to wait until 2012 to vote ma broda!

chris said...


The site you talk about shows a deleted report in parts of the US, parts of Europe and from most of Africa as well.

Could you kindly email it to me as soon as you can?

P.S. I have the Guardian article.

Phil said...

Chris, I stayed up late catching with this report. Quite interesting but very very sad too. I must congratulate Kenyans for their resilience...we must be very strong to survive that magnitude of robbery, and still elect to have the thieves live amongst us, some of them as elected leaders!!

It just shows you how much a challenge ODM are up against and that Kibaki didnt have a choice but not act upon the report. These guys virtually own this country and they can use any government as a puppet if they so wish. I dont think Mwai Kibaki would have wanted to action this report unless he's intent on collapsing the economy and his government.

Apparently, the report mentions an assassin who was brought in to liquidate Ouko murder witnesses. That makes chilling reading Chris. It just tells you Kenyans do not have any sovereignity and they cannot dare to claim that they can decide the destiny of this country.

The report should really open the eyes of those who want the 'status quo' to remain - because I am sure even as we debate here, Kibaki's people are taking their time to grab whatever they can since the re-election of Kibaki is not 100% bankable. And why not, if Moi's people did it and they are roaming all over the world with Kenyan diplomatic passports, why not Kibaki's? No wonder even after spending a million Euros to get Kroll to do this work spanning five continents, no one has the balls to implement it.

One glaring omission is that although the report captures capital flight during Moi's regime, it ignores those that happened in Kenyatta's time, which I am sure is even many times more than Moi's. NARC's five years is also something that ought to be investigated, going by the number of dollar multi-millionaires that have grown out of Kibaki's official and kitchen cabinets!!! The TransCenturies and Livondos of this time are not any different from the Mugoyas and Jirongos of Moi's time.

Another very startling revelation is that Mr. Nicholas Biwott had registered a company that is trading under the name "Government of Kenya" with its registered offices at Harambee House, Harambee Avenue - which we all know is the Office of the President. Biwott's "government of Kenya" company has its logo as Kenya's official court of arms. Believe it or not; these guys really had this country in their pockets. How can an individual be allowed to trade with our sovereignity? Its called the nyayo regime - one that is telling us to support Kibaki for a second term. I am not sure if this GoK company of Biwott is still trading.

The short term and only solution I think is to vote in an ODM government that will deliver a comprehensive constitution deprive the executive of the power that made Moi and family bring this country to its knees!!!

Growing economy my a**!

Q said...

Here is the link

derek said...

To all, this story appeared in the Guardian, The Sun (though shallow) and The Independent in March. I remember fowarding it to a few editors in Nairobi, but only the People Daily carried it. It was after the World Bank/IMF Meeting in New York. In fact, there was special mention of all properties held by African presidents and leaders across the world.

I dont know why, but even the Mobitelea story and the owners as reported in a newspaper in Guenrsey never appeared at all. The link has now been desecreated.

Anonymous said...

I had a terrible dream and i feel obliged that i should share it here for all its worth.In this dream i met an oracle who demystified the very dangerous man called Moi.The oracle told me that as much as i am ODM damu it is wise that i change my position and persuade as many as possible for the sake of a peaceful kenya.Now love for my country is above all and i would sacrifice my love for ODM in a whiff should the well being of kenya be in question.The oracle said that at this time we need to continue having two presidents with opposing personalities because like they say opposites atrract.What do you mean two presidents ? you ask , yes i mean two presidents it is claimed by the great one that Moi never relinqished power , it was just stage management meant to hood wink the public.Before you take out your guns asks your self these questions;
1.How many intl airports do we have in kenya and where are they located?
2.How many Airforce bases and what is their name and where are they located?
3.Which single province has the best infrastructure?
4.where is the 2nd largest University?

5.Who's face is on the money that we relentlessly yearn for?
(remember JC said give un to Ceaser...)
6.Which province has the most ?militia armed to the teeth that even the police are afraid to pursue anyone in their turf?

Now back to the dream ,i was told that during his time moi was creating a parallel nation called Moi valley which he is president complete with a sitting government.So in the event that Moi gets an equaly match in satehouse then this will be recipe for chaos,it is better to have someone who has no intention of pursuing the past as is now evident when the Kroll report was swept under the carpet. The oracle was of the opinion that at this time for the sake of peace it is imperative that this should be the only viable option.If anything was to happen to mzee then that is when you will understand that we have a parallel nation(gov) and state machinery.This is the scenrio that the oracle put forth ,2008 jan, Moi etal are arrested for economic crimes against the people of kenya and almost immediately some top militia commander on a pre-agreed order that was passed incase of such a situation acts to take over every single security force in the province and gives the gova(Nairobi) an ultimatum to release their man and asociates unconditionaly , also MV(Food Basket) is under total lock down, "nobody moves nobody gets hurt" and the rest i will leave to your imagination.This frankentien that we created is now too powerful that the only way to slay it is to let it die of natural causes.

derek said...

Keep on dreaming. Have you read your Bible. there is one JOSEPH THE DREAMER. As for you and your dream, OTAOTA Mpaka cheeee!!!

Dreamer, I will call you from today, you are saying things that dont hold the centre ground. Can you please keep you ODM dream to others and spare me the pain of reading another dream.

Why all the backlash on Daniel Moi. All that youy have said are connected to the declaration of support by Moi for Kibaki. In any case, Kibaki would have won without Moi and now, Moi is bad and not during the Referendum tyhat he supported ODM and the NO camp.

Anyway, keep on dreaming.

Anonymous said...

I also keep on wondering how much the kihii stole during his brief tenure as a failed Roads minister. This is in addition to the molasses scandal in which the kihii stole from his toothless kavirondo subjects. I also understand that his father also stole millions in the jaluo thrift trading company in the 1930s. This is a company that had been formed to produce maize flour, for making ugali the staple diet for kavirondo natives. I wonder... how much the kihii has stolen given that he was weaned on stolen milk. True Kenyans have rejected this idiot in total.

derek said...

Kioko, you are at it again. Please stop being cheap and stupid at times. You are exposing alot that people did not know, including insanity. Kindly, stop dragging a whole tribe into this.

I for once believe that not everything that you say will affect thousands others. At the very best, you are at what I can call, whipping a dead house and for very many reasons, including one, that you thoughts (if they are) are unprovoked.

Just stop that. Sawa Ndugu yangu! All that you are writing, have been written many times before and without the tribal inclinations that you are adjoining.

Anonymous said...

Dr. J says:
It's very sad top see sour-graped morons rave and rant here like madmen. The question is: when the "Kavirondo subjects" take power, which is the inevitable course of this election, what are you going to do? Commit suicide because you're now a subject of a "kihii"? One thing though: it is very clear which "head" you use for your thinking. Well read people would rather use the intellect to drive their thoughts and world view.

Anonymous said...

Kenya shall never be ruled by a kihii. never!! Only a fool can think of the army accepting an idiot like Raila as commander-in-chief. Can an army major salute a kihii? NO! There would be a swift coup in which the kihii idiot would be shot in the anus by patriot kenyan soldiers! Yes in the anus because you cannot shot an empty headed pumbavu like Raila in the head. The bullet would just pass through his empty head. The man thinks with his anus, no wonder we have so many members of raila anus licking club from the shores of the kavirondo gulf.

Anonymous said...

Dr. J says:
KIOKOPP, you are truly a rare breed. What are you mad about? Did a kihii turn your wife around for a doggy? Probably had her anally too! I suspect she enjoyed it and now you're the "father" of a little kihii masquerading as your son. That would explain your bitterness towards the Kavirondo people. On another tangent, Kenya cannot afford a military coup simply due to the fact that the non-kihiis control a major part of the economy and infrastructure. Are you willing to sacrifice your money at the altar of a coup? I think you are too chicken for that. And you think the Kavirondo will lie down this time if you assasinate Raila? Those days of assasinating Luo leaders are long gone, my friend. You will have a bush war like you will never imagine. So stop chest-thumping and start using your head (not penis) and accept the fact that Raila is the next president of Kenya. And you know what? We don't need your permission for that!

Anonymous said...

Dr. J says:
The link is back! So for all those who want to vote Kibaki and Moi back for a second term of looting, pillaging and economic rape, get your facts straight!

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