Friday, August 10, 2007

Kumekucha's Obsession With Tom Mboya


I must admit that I went through the same path of discovery that Lucas went through discovering about this great man, Joseph Odhiambo Thomas Mboya. I was a five years 6 months and 6 days old youngster living in Kakamega when he was gunned down. My father was at the Kisumu show when news of Mboya's shooting in Nairobi came through and a policeman colleague who happened to be a Luo cruelly quipped to him; "That was long overdue." Meaning that he had been a hunted man for a long time.

Today I launch a campaign to generate support from Kenyans to demand that the government opens an investigation into the manner in which the issue of Tom Mboya's murder was handled and to reveal to Kenyans the identity of "the big man" mentioned in the trial of Nahashon Njenga, the man said to have pulled the trigger on the gun that felled Mboya.

The president himself knows a lot because although...

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Anonymous said...

Mbona you make everything to be about you? Ngilu gets arrested, me too, only it was back in the day. Lucas sends you one on his dad, me too, or is it even me?

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