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Monday, August 27, 2007

Kenyan's Little Known Sick Criminal World


A while back, somebody sent me a crazy story about a serial rapist/violent robber who specialized in armed robberies at homes in certain Nairobi suburbs. According to this informant this sick thug's "signature" was to rape a man's wife as the husband was forced to watch.

He also said that the man usually wore a mask but always had unprotected sex with his victims and yet he was believed to be HIV positive.

I did not know quite what to make of it, because this was really sick. I had not even heard of it in other parts of the world where there are many sick criminals. Such a story had not even emerged from that rape capital of Africa, namely South Africa. So I ignored the story and did not pursue it nor use it here because I usually like to verify my stories as much as I possibly can.

Now this weekend from a rather unlikely source, I found out that actually such a criminal was...

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Anonymous said...

Where is taabu , vikii , luke,and the rest on this or do you guyz only care about raila and kibaki ?

luke said...

Anonymous, i can't speak for anybody else in this blog except myself and I do not care very much for Raila, Kibaki or any other current sitting MP either in opposition or the Government of National Unity. if you must know, i wouldn't vote for any of them, but i am personally waiting for the elections in 2012 when Kenya will finally begin to have brand new leaders with new ideas that will fast-track the development of our great nation and truly transform this country and one such issue that i am sure these new leaders will be ready to strongly take on and rapidly resolve is the wave of insecurity and the increasingly active criminal underground that since 2002 has seemed to spiral out of the control of the hands of Kenya's struggling police force
Kenya's police have the ability to contain insecurity throughout the country but it is unfortunate that the strategies they have used so far to address crime and insecurity have been slow to produce the desired results of truly low crime rates.

For other analysis and critical commentary on crime in Kenya, i refer you to Kumekuchas' past archives where Chris has done a decent job of shining the spotlight on the fight against crime in Kenya, even going to the extent of pioneering an online campaign against election violence which is really the main point behind alot of the criminal acts taking place in an election year such as this


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Your 'Anonymous' tag is highly suspicious.Its a free country (oh, I forgot you might be scared for you life if you leave comments here!), and you are entitled to you own opinion.

I come here for political debate,and only of the kind I find interesting.Other posts like this one are only meant to portray this as a well-rounded blog. I don't subscribe to that. 'Chris' and Co. are deeply committed to ruining anything good that does not come from Raila (what good has come from him apart from crowd-pulling?) and portraying him and ODM as the saviours of Kirinyaga. But he, too, is entitled to his own opinions, choices and points of view, no shame or apologies needed.

Taabu said...

Anonymous I will pick your gaunlet on the first score and ignore the snide in the second. FYI I hold no brief for any of the 2 scoundrels you mentioned above neither do I lose any sleep because of them. I will defend your right to be wrong in making outragious insinuations. If only you knew what I think of the present political lot! Maybe with your slanted take you don't deserve to know and I won't disturb your peace either.

But as you can see you are in good company with serial 'insinuators'. Whoever abuses committment to discrating GOODIES must be crucified by the mighty on higher moral pedestal. It is difficullt to disabuse one of an ingrained perception, wrong or right. But true to my clling I will defend people's right to abuse other albeit with the civility caveat.

That said, I have a question on behalf of Vikii (dare you attack him again) and Luka. Don't other people have the right to keep quiet for reasons personal or otherwise? After insulting that right of ours I consider it silent intimidation to provoke an altercation which may not be healthy, ama?

And yes back to the post. Not to be seen to belong to the cohort of 'ruiner' I put it to all that the sick criminals are only reaping the economic growth windfalls. I remain loyal to good deeds. I hereby warn Chris to stop being a scare monger and SEE, THINK, SPEAK, IMAGINE and REPORT NO EVIL. We are in paradise, aren't we?

Taabu said...

With my latest vow not to SPOIL the party I hereby report the good news that baba Gidi has officially announced backed Emilio for term 2.

luke said...

Luke the ruiner; i think its got a catchy ring to it, not to mention it seems i am in good company too with Mwalimu in the boat; any other passengers? please, you are welcome no ticket purchase necessary

What a fickle and tragic sense of humour kenyans posses!why would anyone in their right mind consider any endorsement given by Daniel Arap Moi as worth meriting any form serious consideration? I think i should get him to endorse the economy as well, he might be able to give me a better pitch and succeed in selling me the idea that my fortune's have now vastly improved

chris said...

Due to unforseen reasons that I cannnot go into now, I will not make any posts in Kumekucha today. However 2moro's posts will be much earlier than usual.


derek said...

Oginga Odinga said, Moi is a Giraffe he sees far!!!

Today, the country’s self-proclaimed Professor of Politics has spoken and he is right in many aspects. He does not want Kenya to go to the hands of people who cannot be trusted! He wants development, properity, economy and other things, including cohesiveness to thrive.

Now, let the battle begin. Daniel Toroitich arap Moi will determine this year’s elections. Come Rain, Come Sunshine. Not the Elders. Phil umesikia? Usishangae Ferry!

Taabu said...

Derek both you and Phil deserve medal for your loyalties albeit parallel. My only fear is that as politicians scheme we bear the brant of their plots. We can swear and sweat with their names but they do know a thing we don't. We choose to live politics and they sleep sound in the knowledge that we sing their numbers day in and out.

Hey, but I am not complaining. That is the unripe fruit of democracy. Even if we chose to chew it raw at least we get the roughages as the vitamins elude us.

Moi means many things to different people. And Kenyan politicians epitomizes the adage of politicians making strange bed fellows. Back 4+ years ago Toro was told to shut up and admire the Harvard inspired 'rulership'. That was after being basterdized and embarassed infront of the whole world on Dec 30, 2002. The rest as they say if some humanity discipline which is also notorious of reminding us of the nasty past.

Selective amnesia remains our forte. If Moi were to support opposition it would amount to the same thing, EXPEDIENCY, pure and simple. Now that he appears nostalgic about his 50+ years of ruin he is a giraffe. If only game animals could protest, I fear their wrath at being figuratively abused. And the circus continues kila mutu na farasi yake. I am not lonely though walking without a horse and I don't think I will miss the race. Meanwhile, have marvelous circular rides guys.

luke said...

The other day Chris posted about the powerful forces of witchcraft used by well-known prominent public figures to continue to win their stay in their parliamentary seats like magic. See magic yet again at work fellow Kenyans; former president Moi waves his hand over us with his wand and (in some weird sort of parallel matrix-trilogy type of world) president Kibaki is endorsed as washing powder brighter than new Omo with powerfoam but the real charm lies in the leading of fanatic sheep like lambs to the slaughter without a single fore or afterthought.
I'm actually laughing as i admire the economy grow

Vikii said...

Someone asked where I am. I am in my house draining beer bottles. You ned my address dummy-ass?

Anonymous said...

now mr christopher!!! people are called prophets because what they prophesy ussually comes to pass. i dont know where you get the inspiration from but my thinking is that either you are in constantant commun ication with the lord GOD almighty or you are one of the people with access to privilegded information. so i dont know who you are working for!!! could it be the NSIS which you keep reffering to??? for months you have consistently written on the relevance of baba giddy in the kenyan political arena. but most commentators on this blog myopically called you names and tried to show us how useless you are with predictions!! indeed this morning we woke up to the reality that baba giddy will actually support the "baks" in this years general election. i think his support for the incumbent just handed victory to the ODM guys!! lets hear what other predictions you have!!!


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