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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jomo Kenyatta Planted Seeds Of Tribalism: History Has All The Evidence


The Kenyatta administration clearly did the most damage in dividing the country along tribal lines and destroying all the national unity that had been achieved in the run up to independence. The historical evidence is there for all to see.

Did you know that for instance that President Kibaki used to represent a Nairobi constituency in parliament? I believe it was what we know today as Makadara constituency.

Tom Mboya also represented a Nairobi constituency. The manner in which the Kenyatta kitchen cabinet/mafia destroyed his political base in Nairobi, along tribal lines, made many Nairobi politicians at the time very nervous and many opted for the safety of their tribal seats back in the rural area. Mwai Kibaki was just one of them.

This single factor had a major effect in ensuring that tribal politics was forever entrenched in Kenya.

It is interesting that people like Njoroge Mungai stuck to Nairobi constituencies, although his situation was unique in that Nairobi's Dagoretti constituency is part of the greater Kiambu district where Mungai and the entire kitchen cabinet hailed from. So technically-speaking it was a rural seat and probably still is when you compare it to all the other parliamentary seats in Nairobi.

It was this kind of politics, pioneered by President Kenyatta's inner circle that destroyed situations like what had been witnessed in 1957 when during the first elections in Kenya...

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chris said...

Wild idea submitted for careful consideration.

How about a Kumekucha bloggers get together social event at a neutral country, before this years' general elections. Just a social event, nothing more.

I know guys are scattered all over the world, but we can look for ways to get there.

Say we choose a country like Tanzania, Dar-es-salaam. We can try and get cheap airtickets (for those living very far). We can ever barter this in exchange for ad space here in Kumekucha.

Of course there are those who can't leave the country where they live (you know why) but maybe we can work with those who can and keep those cannot make it informed of full details.

Just a wild idea, I thought guys should think about. If it is not feasible to most, it is still OK. No ugali lost from my sufuria.

P.S. The theme could be a costume party for thsoe who still want to be in disguise. I pledge to turn up with NO mask.

Taabu said...

That is an original one worth pondering. The faithfull sidekick that you often transform into a doormat couldn't agree more. Let us see what others have to say. You can coun't my CLONE out of it. Caveat, strictly NO SIASA, right?

vikii said...

Lemmie first write something small about Jomo Kenyatta and tribalism.

Jomo kenyatta, just like Oginga Odinga, Charles Njonjo,Njoroge Mungai, Mbiyu Koinange and Daniel Moi was a tribalist per excellence. We cannot pretend otherwise. However dwelling on this beats my understanding. The man is long dead and even though we should judge him post humously and make sure we remind every kamau, Njoroge and Wekesa what a monster he was, I think nobody doesnt know what kind of a man he was. It is obvious that Kenyatta was 30% good and 70% bad. Moi was 10% good and 90% bad. The two men know it and lets not keep talking about it.

Chris with all due respect, I find your argument very simplistic. How does representing a Nairobi constituency make u less tribal than those who represent rural constituencies? Tell me and please do, who between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta is a bigger tribalist than the other. How is Maina kamanda less tribal than Moody Awori? I know people born and bred in Nairobi but they are the biggest tribalists u can ever get. Mwai Kibaki changed base to avoid a loss in the hands of Jael Mbogo in Bahati. Commanding more respect in Othaya than Bahati doesnt neceassarily make u a tribalist, does it?

I still believe as much as Kibaki is a painfully boring man, he is not a tribalist. I have seen worse tribalists in the kenyan political scene. He may have some irritating buddies but Kibaki the man is by and large a perfect leader.

Sasa hako kanyama choma niaje. Are u sure u r not planning to 'ambush' us by showing up with Mr. Raila in tow? I am not scared though coz I can tell him just what I think of him without a wink...kidding.

It sounds like a bright idea and even though it adds a sufuria to no ones table, we can get a chance to bond and even plot for 2012. I have no objection whatsoever and I would be indeed happy to meet Taabu. Just make sure u show up with H Chris.

And Taabu did u call me a clone? That can never change me bro and I said u gotta learn to live with me the way I am. If I may quote u, I am made of STEEL and I love it.

Taabu said...

Vikii dare you reduce yourself to that level you don't belong. Chris declared he have no mask and I declared for me no clone (meaning the TRUE Taabu). Now where is Vikii in that post. Brother I never bandy words for their sake and choose them very carefully. I am your BB and will not trade that for cheap slang. Pretending otherwise would be akin to undermining your intelligence. We can allways agree to disagree but I won't pretend to think for you, ama?

BB's considered advice: stop THINKING too much. Life is not an exam with binary outcome, pass or fail. Such thinking only succeeds in making you read malice in a saint's script. Meanwhile a drink on me anytime any place for not losing your cool. Won't take the misdirected tirade on me personal. Over to brother Vikii.

Taabu said...

Vikki that was type one error (convicting the innocent) which is worse that type II (releasing the guilty). You spoilt my day after seeing Roy Keane (player-jana-manager(coach)-now) destroy Spurs on his debut. But hey if you can't offer your shell for a friend to hit (wrongfully or otherwise) then that a point lower. It is called objective misuse of friends - misusing your friends usefully. I demand a SCENTED APOLOGY.

luke said...

i'm sure the issue of NSIS and the likes joining us at said proposed social event has been duly noted and taken into consideration by all and sundry. Safety and security is the foremost issue many bloggers would probably want to be reassured of as they consider Chris' proposal. Not that anyone of us is afraid of course...(sorry, for just a second there i thought i saw Artur stick his head into my ka-servants quarters) its just that there is a Media Bill dangling like the sword of Damocles...not to mention...(excuse me i just heard a snake rattling-be right back)

not to rain on anyone's parade of course...plan sounds good

vikii said...

I am so sorry Mwaliu Taabu. I watched a movie last night that was talking about its better to set free 99 guilty people than to sentence to jail one innocent person. I had just written another article jana and told Chris to count me out of his machinations which always seem to me to be driven by tribal considerations. I thought u were hitting out at me coz of that. Please accept my apologies and dont revoke that BB arrangement. And by the way r u coing to Zanzibar? Just bring me a copy of te fifth edition, I a told u moved on to the sixth edition.

These guys at the liquor store wont let me have my drinks. Please call me on +254 722 373226 and lemie have either the card or check number.

Weekend poa bro.

vikii said...

Sorry, about spurs' loss to Keano's cats, I loved it. I uncocked my beer bottle as early as 8.45 a to celebrate that. With all their signings, I thougt they would be putting up a massively serious quest for the title. Long live Kean. That's one enemy down. I just hope Reading and Villa do the same thing tomorrow.

Taabu said...

Vikii, before we get accused of taking over Kumekucha this Sat apologies accepted, sieved and digested. The issue has been flshed down the sewer. FYI I never attack ANYBODY regardless of how galling s/he is. I put icepack on my tempers by countering with my point of view. Ideas can be artulated so painful and lethal than lead (gun).

That said, Jol's (Spurs) boys were ajoke given his summer signings and I wish I travelled to watch Rafa (Liverpool) instead. Keane still has some Alex in him and he knows the former is already a dinosaur. So Roy is making an imprint knowing that another ex-Alex boy Mark Hughes of, Blackburn's boss is already ahead. Villa is good but I fear for Reading. Pray psycho Tavez does not play kesho otherwise it mind be another whitewash. I can offer to update you live from Old Trafford. The drink on me still stands - I don't promise what I cannot deliver. I'm working on the logistics. Lala unono, ama?

Marianne Briner said...

I love the idea of a round-table and I am even willing to hoste it here in Spain making it therefore a totally 'neutral' venue .......

When I say I would be willing hoste it, I did not in any way say that I would like to 'chair' it ....although somebody called me a 'Chief Foreign and Propaganda Master' .....

Maybe I shoud decide to live up to that ??????? But I would rather prefer just to be a kind of 'referee' ........ and leave the talking to you ........

But to be honest, I would - in any case - love to see you folks all together here and then talk ...... vikii, taabu, derek, luke and so on .......

What about this idea ????????

By the way there are very cheap flights to the UK and then to Malaga - I would be pleased to send each of you an invitation facilitating the visa for Spain ....

Marianne Briner

Wafuls said...

Chris why prejudice,
The only consistent theme in this blog that you have continued to emphasize is anti-kikuyism. Reading through this post just show presenting one sided view of a big problem. What evidence do you have that Kibaki has perpetuated tribalism? state the facts & so that the readers are convinced.
Why are youconveniently leaving all the others particulary the other presidential contenders and sonior cabinet ministers. What you will notice all these people are sorrounded by their tribesmen. It doesnt matter that even drivers and body guards most of whom are civil servants come from the same village as the boss.

The other question is, does working with people you trust make you a tribalist. The bigger problem here is corruption and i think kenya was doing much better during kenyatta regime that took only 15 years than the 24 years moi ruled. The moi era was an era of grand corruption which you have concveniently left out. So far i think Kibaki has done much better to reduce tribalism & corruption than what those who want to replace him can do.

chris said...


Your concerns have been duly noted. That is why I proposed a neutral venue outside Kenya from the onset. The NSIS agents/informers are Kenyans with relatives who are suffering just like everybody else, so hopefully those who attend may just be converted to our cause.

It is looking like it is going to be Switzerland (the most neutral of all locations).

Let's hope for the best.

P.S. I was also suggesting that this roundtable session involving as many Kumekucha bloggers as possible, take place at least two and a half months before the general elections. Let's get the ideas flowing folks.

chris said...

It is also becoming impossible to side-step the idea of making it an important discussion on the right political direction for Kenya and less of a social event. By making it thus, we will not only extend the service to the nation we are already providing here but getting sponsors will be a walk in the park.

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