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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Its' Goodbye Masai Mara While Kenyans Sleep


Land grabbing incidents in Kenya are terribly boring to most Kenyans. Most folks do not even understand what land grabbing is and how it is done Kenya-style. One of the main reasons is probably because land grabbing is so common that it is hardly news these days. Even where we have seen land on which public toilets have been built right in the center of Nairobi being grabbed, there is now little left to shock Kenyans when it comes to land grabbing. Or is there…

Did you know that as I write this over 4,000 acres of prime public land, right within the world famous Masai Mara game reserve is in the hands of an individual?

But what is even more shocking are recent developments in this controversy which are fascinating to say the least and are a pointer to the rot that is Kenya today. Once again it has been proved that even when the government says that "no stones will be left unturned", there are plenty of "stones" that are way too heavy to be turned.

The individual who has grabbed the land within Masai Mara and whose brother is an assistant Minister in the government of national unity seems to have come up with the perfect strategy for ensuring that the public land stays firmly in his grasp. He has incorporated very big names into his grand theft. And when I say "BIG", I mean really big.

What complicates matters further is that there is a clear conflict of interest over any public prosecution because the current Deputy Public Prosecutor has for a long time been a lawyer to the man whose name the public property within the Mara is registered to.

It gets worse...

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Marianne Briner said...

I am readiung this with one big question in mind 'Chris, are you sure what you are risking - you and for sure also your family ???
I know what I am talking about - but I live outside Kenya and you don't !!!!!!!!!!
Let me assure you, Kenya can be a very dangerous place if you come across and especially when you come in the way of certain powerful men (and that includes not only the current Government Members but mainly the former ones like Daniel arap Moi and Nicholas Biwott who will do everything (and I mean really 'everything') to protect their ill-gotten wealth inlcuding their criminal deeds like killing not only Dr. Robert Ouko byut many more ...........

Kenya .... wake up ..... there is not much time left !!!!!!!!!!!!

vikii said...

Chris Chris Cris. Allover Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

Briner are you insinuating that Kenyans are asleep and devoid of any power to challenge status quo? If this is the same Biner who slept in the same bed as the corrupt elements, then save us your nonsensical alarms. I support Chris on this one. Go ahead Chris if only you got your facts right. (The witness protection bill is on your side and more importantly your Father in Heaven.) While still at Bill, isn't clause 38 of the media bill referring to statements like this where a journalist is asked to reveal the source of the purported story whose reputation may suffer harm? (In this case the Assistant Minister) Technically the law protects the journalist from mentioning the name of the said assistant minister. mmmh! until the law is signed by President Kibaki, then Chris is safe. Why do I have a feeling that the media is getting it all wrong in the issue of sources? maybe they should replace the word source with 'person quoted' AG Wako what is your say on this one?

emurithi said...

Now that the rest of us (Kenyans)are asleep, be our saviour. My assumption is that you have more details (and/or evidence) about this shoddy deal. Kindly report the matter to KACC through:
No guarantee that anything will be done but you will have done your part.
If you don't then I will concur that you you are just an alarmist just seeking attention.

Anonymous said...

Wacheni wakule si hata nyinyi wakati wenyu uta kuja na muta kuulaaahh?, kwani tunapigania nini si sote tunataka mali na economy si ime mea.economy sio muti dio wengine wanataka waone ikumea pumbavu tu , bure , jaruo!

zudck said...

Chris, why should you consult a lawyer if what you are proclaiming is factual?

And how will you/kumekucha be sued from the internet. What I mean is, how will they serve demand letters or serve court summons to you or even effect an arrest?

Unless you dont trust your source, then I would suggest you dont whet our appetites with a story like this if you personally have not verified the authenticity of the documents you received from your informer. We know about the scandal, but the details are scanty. So without further ado, please toboa!

My opinion is that you should go ahead and name to shame these individuals. I do not envisage any threat to yourself as a result of what you post in the blog.Otherwise you will end up being labeled an alarmist, even though we all know you are not!

PS. Anon; na kweli wewe ni mwizi wa tabia kama farasi. Wewe ulinyakua mali ya uma na muka 'kuraa', na uenda kama bado muna endelea kuiba ardhi ya mbuga ya wanyama wa pori, tafadhali usije ukaja uka tapika matumbo zako ya upuuzi wa ukabila hapa. Kichaa upeleke mbali!

Taabu said...

It time to make windfalls from political posturing. The present regime has turned out not to be any better than the previous two who lorded over Kenyanswith vision. Except Emilio came in the e-age when bloggers will rush to his defense at the slightest hint of criticism. If only Baba Gigi rulled today the Kumekucha would be flooded with fimbo ya nyayo posts. But alas the guy came and went and the present pretenders make him look like a saint.

But Chris where is the beef in you post. Honest, you have chosen generate HEAT, whetted appetite and at the end you leave your readers home and dry. You remember when you gave a link to this scandal few weeks ago and the next thing you knew was Kumekucha was choking of porn posts? So what is new apart from insinuting One Ntutu and brother? Shed light before the heat disappears lest....

kalamari said...

Chris, a govt. that facilitates such theft should be in special jail (Derek, unasikia). In fact, the jail should be built in the middle of Massai Mara on the very piece of stolen land. The one thing they should leave out is fences and walls… and even cells.
Please go ahead and name names, if only for our entertainment. Don’t listen to MB or fear the men with a message from NSIS. Land documents such as those under your pillow are public records. Further, the bill is yet to be signed.

derek said...

Kabisa Kalamari. Tell me something about one of the ODM Protagonists called Bill Ntimama. Do you want to tell me that he does not have an interest in the said thing. Infact, at the entrance of Mara from Narok, you will be told all about him and his land. Just to jog your mind, under Kibaki's government, there have been very few irregular (if any. Name one please) land deals compared to the past.

The government of kenya does not run private allocation business. If you are to jail all who did such crime, you will start with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta (when did he work hard to acquire all the property he has). Interestingly, the Intrepids, run by his family has a big chuck of land in the Mara.

Where did Margaret Kenyatta get all the land she had, and then you move to the Moi family, and wonder how a school teacher could have all the property he does. It was so rampant, that they had to drag in Raila and for him to join them, he had to accept grabbed Molasses Plant land.

And you should also ask why one Luo family own vast land in the sugarbelt.

The Kibaki government is clean on this issue and as rich as history might be, you will be surprised to learn that there has been a serious feud over the same over years. As for NARC, KIbaki & Co, I wait to be told a crime committed...still waiting.

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