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Sunday, August 19, 2007

GTV Outfoxes DSTV


Kenyans are crazy about English soccer and especially the ongoing premiership. This is the reason why South African based DSTV has until now had such a huge subscriber base. That subscriber base now looks like it is going to disappear literally overnight.

The reason is simple. GTV, a brand new satellite TV outfit with strong links in Britain has won the rights to transmit 80% of the matches live. DSTV have only managed 20% and so far most of the matches they have transmitted don’t involve the big “four”. Kumekucha is reliably informed that already dishes with the “G” logo are now coming up in Nairobi, Mombasa and elsewhere at a rate that suggests there is no tomorrow. Most of these new customers were previously DSTV clients.

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Taabu said...

That is what you get in a captilatist world when you sleep on the wheel. Give it to the Brits, one thing they have superlatively wrapped and packaged is the Premier league. Days of footbal made in (where) belong to last millenium. That is why Barclays is so popular and even Sky can only relay some matches live. What GTV is to DSTV, Santam is to Sky. Football has been elevated to war status albeit without guns.

If only our local service providers would learn from this then Posta and Telecom woul be worlds ahead. But wapi with cronies at the helm as mere figure head with no authority. Competition eventually brings in the best out of us.

Phil said...

Very very suspect result for blues vs reds.

Chris you seem to have forgotten that Nation Media is serving the lower middle class Kenyans who cant afford GTV or DSTV. NMG courtesy of their NTV is indeed broadcasting fewer live EPL games (4 per month) than GTV, but they are doing it for FREE, and now they have EABL sponsorship on guiness beer!

In addition, Citizen Media is also showing most of the EPL games on TV involving the big guns at least 24 hrs after the live game is broadcast, but nonetheless the same station is broadcasting live games on radio (I bet you didnt know that Chris) including on its venacular FM radio channels .

Those of us who can aford DSTV, GTV or have TVs to watch NTV for free are very lucky coz the radio broadcast is even more popular in rural areas, especially where TVs are scarce. For your info, Citizen FM radio broadcast signal, courtesy CCK, is the only one available clearly all the way from Mombasa by road to Malaba or Busia. Even KBC forces you to change to MW or SW channels, and in any case is not available through out that journey!

Personally, I think DSTV has had a very long monopoly on pay tv in Kenya. Although they have a wider menu than GTV, including the now unmissable BB africa reality show, I have to say they have literally ripped us off for the last decade.

Its like Kalonzo serving dictatorial KANU for 25 years, and suddenly turning around to tell us tat the whole world has been waiting for him and that he is the best reformist of them all. Even Prof. Makau Mutua does not agree. But just like the English Premier League, Kenyan politics remains the most competitive and most expensive in the region.

Anonymous said...

Must you always have to bring in a twist of local politics? lol. That caught me while I was sleep-reading said...

for the rest of us who left kenya some years ago, all this passed us.

I remember dstv with no one but you all the was free then.

but why you had to add kalonzo in this post still passes my head.Unless like you normally are , you are going to tell us something we don't know.


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