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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Great Irreparable Damage The Media Bill Has Done To Kibaki's Re-election Campaign


Wako Finally Admits The Obvious

Even as members of Kenya’s fourth estate staged a dramatic demonstration in Nairobi this afternoon, while symbolically gagged with tape and cloth, serious questions are being asked in relation to the folly of the whole exercise of the infamous Media Bill.

After days in which AG Amos Wako claimed he was studying the media bill he has finally come out and admitted that it is fatally flawed, and he will accordingly advice the president not to sign it.

Firstly the AG who knows a lot more law than Kumekucha did not need so many days to find the obvious. I would have saved him a lot of reading had he asked me because I would have told him straight up that it was flawed and the reasons why.

But then that was not the real issue here, my friends. What was going on was lots of consultations behind the scenes with the powers that be who finally gave him permission to announce the obvious. The truth is that many flawed bills have been passed by parliament and signed into laws in the past, including the last...

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Anonymous said...

Chris I'm one of Kibaki's supporters. I've not changed my mind. Trust me your lies won't wash with people. Indeed so many other Kenyan's are still with H.E. Mwai Kibaki and will vote for him come the elections.

Back to the Bill, trust me President Kibaki can sign that 'flawed' bill if he deems fit and we can do nothing (at least in the time being)The truth of the matter is that he still holds the key.

Allow me shoot a question Chris; when these bills are signed?

As for the Media they better be responsible with the freedom of expression that they quote so often. They are normally so quick in throwing mad at others yet they don't want regulation (self or otherwise) How come they are not giving Mt Elgon Clashes and Corruption scandals in government and opposition the same coverage they give to politics and the media bill? For God's sake we are in an election year, instead of bringing all politicians to account, all they do is publish personality politics. The media should shoulder blame as much as politicians do. they all play in the same gallery. I hate their balderdash. I'm happy this whole episode has brought Media's true colors to the fore. We need some kind of regulation, the media can become a monster and before you know it, Kenya turns into another Rwanda.

Kenya has not had a law governing media operations since independence, I stand to be corrected. The only law the media proscribes to is section 79 of the constitution. No wonder pornography is a norm with privately owned media houses. Its not a must that the new bill be debated this year (I don't trust the Ninth Parliament) it can be debated by sober MPs next year.

Finally on your challenge, I'll be among the first people to log on and celebrate the defeat of your candidate Raila Ujinga.


kalamari said...

It’s obvious that Kibaki, NSIS and the men with a message from Othaya do not read Kumekucha. If they did, they would have heeded my advice and Kibaki would have, in a very public fashion, rejected this bill and gained some votes. All this guy had to do was publicly admonish his parliament wing/cabinet for coming up with such nonsense (even if he was part and parcel of it).
Now scribes are roaming the streets with placards and he’s the bad guy. What a dimwit.

kalamari said...

Oh and Chris, please refrain from four letter curse words (even if panctuated). This is a respectable blog.

vikii said...

I have no comment about that damn bill. I have said all there was to say.

I however must pick up the gauntlet u just threw down. If Kibaki doesnt beat the person u think will win with a margin bigger than a million votes, I will make a BIG apology here and quit. I will actually know there is something wrong with my mind.

Anonymous said...

take this to the bank, there is no way kibaki is beating anyobody with more than 1million votes. its a very close election and turnout is key.

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