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Friday, August 10, 2007

Goodbye Masai Mara Part 3: President's Son Wanted To View Grabbed Land


In yet another detailed letter written to the Attorney General Amos Wako on 12th May 2006, which is in my possession a former judge lists various concerns over the grabbing of the land within the world famous Masai Mara game reserve. The judge goes on to mention the names of persons close to the family of President Kibaki whom attempts have been made to co-opt in the development of the land in a clever strategy by the alleged land grabber to ensure that he is untouchable and that he has some "insurance" against losing his grabbed "investment".

Shockingly at one point in the letter the judge says,

"I had mentioned that people like Mr. David Kibaki, My Jimmy Michuki and Mr Stanley Murage have been...

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Phil said...


I want to second the comments by anon.

Is this the "Ukweli Wa Mambo" and "Kibaki Abaki campaign" that we have been reading in this blog.

Shame on this Kibaki government!

Chris said...


How are you doing my brother? Trust that you are having a wonderful day serving our beloved nation.

Now is this the comment you are refrrring to by Anon?

Anonymous said...
I stumbled upon your blog by what i can describe now as the grace of God.can only say i wish we had more of you this country is in a true mess we have a govt run by looters an opposition packed with people who in all honesty are bigger thieves.with the rutos and kosgeys of this world as the govt in waiting i cannot imagine where we r headed the only hope we have are people like u keep it up

What I wanted to add is a question.

Have you noticed the loud silence by the Kibaki Abaki/Ukweli wa mambo camp?


Phil said...

Thats the comment I seconded. Loud silence? Oh yes! And am sure you know why.

Am kindly asking you for a favour Chris. You ought to repeat publishing this scandal in a summary form. As a journalist, am sure you can condense it into a few paragraphs for another re-posting. It makes very sad reading but it will be a stark reminder to those who continue to 'vomit on our shoes ' that we cannot forget such things!

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