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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Goodbye Masai Mara Part 2


What Happens If Masai Mara Land Grabbing Continues?

I have in my possession a pile of documents as solid proof of what you are about to read. They tell a very sad story that should alarm every Kenyan. Today I continue with Part 2 of this series, which I started yesterday. Today I publish a letter from a company called Olkiombo Ltd. Which owns a lodge within the land that has been grabbed.

The letter reveals just a tip of the iceberg of a complex scheme to ensure that public land within the world famous Masai Mara game reserve remains in the name of an individual. Tomorrow I will name more names but in the letter I publish today the names of former powerful minister Chris Murungaru is mentioned as well as that of Kiraitu Murungi. According to the letter sent to the AG, the two were...

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kala "Porn Poster" mari said...

Keep up the good fight. Toboa yote with no mercy.
That said, what is the status of the case at this point? Is it stuck in courts or what? Please enlighten us Chris.

Phil said...

This story gives me more reason to continue visitng Kumekucha because I know I shall come across stories that the regular press in Kenya cannot dare publish. Hongera ndugu Chris.

The previous government pulled many underhand deals Chris, but not in a amateur manner like this. This is yet another case of day-light robbery. The other is Anglo-Leasing!

In Kenya, National Parks are intended for the exclusive use of wildlife and are under the strict management of Kenya Wildlife Service. Unlike National Parks, Game Reserves like the world renowned Maasai Mara, where the grabbed land is situated, wildlife cohabit with humans. This is because there is need for local communities to continue benefiting from the land while conserving flora and fauna. The game reserves earn revenue to the local county councils, but are still managed by KWS who collect park entry fees therefore benefiting the public coffers.. Everyone knows how tourism is important to the economy of this country.

To me this is public land held in trust by government on behalf of the people of Kenya. But then, yet again Chris, we have been totally betrayed and backstabbed by the very government consisting of people who have a constitutional mandate to guarantee and safeguard our heritage and our assets.. What an embarrassment and total let down!

The most likely scenario that will follow:

At a per acre price of not less than $5000, the total cost would fetch Mr. Ole Ntutu a cool $20 million (or some Kshs. 1.4 billion if you like). This sum could be more considering the land is located in the world's best known wildlife heritage which has been declared the 7th wonder of the world for that matter!

And the most likely not-willing buyer would be our very own NSSF or NHIF, because no one else can afford to buy this piece of land cash upfront!

While I wait for today's post with bated breath and today being a Friday, I can only request you to make it an early publishing Chris.

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