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Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Death Penalty In Kenya: Do You Support It?


The death penalty has yet again been upheld by parliament. This is a sad day for Kenya with respect to human rights and also in the eyes of God most MPs are known to publicly abhor. I am totally opposed to this legistlation Chris, do you support it? Kenya has this law in the statutes but it doesn't practice death penalty beyond conviction, which is worse than those who practice like the USA.

Because Kenya still retains the death penalty, there are thousands of convicts on deathrow awaiting their date with the hangman noose. Although no executions have been carried out since 1987, one has to think and imagine what it feels like to wake up in jail each morning not knowing what it means to stay alive. And this goes on for these condemned individuals for up to 20 years! Is it really just and humane to keep a deathrow convict in suspense for period of time?

The death penalty is a mandatory sentence for murder, treason, robbery with violence or attempted robbery with violence and for administration of an unlawful oath to commit a capital offence. A lot of people assume rape is a capital offence. Unless there is...

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luke said...

I'm surprised the courts and prisons in Kenya have not have been practising the death penalty! The police in Kenya certainly have! With their trigger-happy, shoot-to-kill policy, even before the famous recent death without trial of criminal Simon Matheri Ikere. Note that in the hands of our police, countless civilians have died innocently, and we who grew up circa 1980 lived in fear of the "my mboys returned fire" Kenya Police

By extension, our politicians, who live above the law have, by operating clandestinely over the years, practised the death penalty through "no stone unturned" political assassinations that till tomorrow baffle the common mwananchi and so-called international experts alike

Do i support the death penalty in Kenya? yes-but only if it becomes the ONLY means through which legally convicted court law-breakers are sentenced and punished. I do not support it now though with trigger-happy police men and political assassination prone politicians still around

Change the situation Internal Security Minister Michuki

derek said...

Luke, are you saying that 'leaving no stone unturned' I thought they used 'reasonable' force in Muranga when they shot dead innocent children in the name of Mungiki adherents.

The assasinations will not be solved and the stones are heavier that me and you think.

What do you say when a minister declares death penalty on a political podium. Moi did, Michuki has done it and several others have even effected it without consultation.

I beleive that Michuki issuing the shoot on sight directive, he is condemning an innocent soul, untried, unheard and even unarmed.

Docile Luke, I said. Wait and count they civil liberty bodies that will rise to oppose this.

Anyway, I thought that Kibaki was supposed to use his constitutinal powers to stop it once and for all.

David Mwangi said...

The death penalty is a very emotive, sometimes visceral issue with many Kenyans. Tell families of victims of beheading by Mungiki or executions by violent thugs that you don't support the death penalty and they'll think you are out of your mind. Those who oppose it have their own reasons, sometimes convincing IMHO.

Personally, I lean towards life imprisonment without parole instead of the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at it rationally. World over it is known that there is room for Judicial error.

If the death penalty is to be upheld, what restitution can there be for an innocent person wrongly tried, convicted and hanged???

Let us leave death in the hands of the giver of life i.e. God.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I am OPPOSED to the death penalty for the following reasons;

1) No one but God has the right to take another's life. He gives it, only He should take it.

2) It is paradoxical to kill someone because they killed. To me, capital punishment is noting but legalized murder by the state. The same laws should apply to the state as they apply to the citizens.

3) Punishment should be meant to reform the offending party and serve as an example to would-be offenders, not merely inflict pain on the criminal. That's why in some places, jails are known as corrective institutions. When you 'justifiably' kill someone, you teach them nothing, and the only people who get punished are his family and friends.

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