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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Daily Newspapers In Big Trouble As Circulation Falls Like A Stone


My recent investigations indicate that executives at the leading daily newspapers in the country are extremely worried over the recent behavior of newspaper circulation.

Let me give you a little background. Usually in election years, newspapers tend to report huge windfall profits as election fever grips the country. This has not happened this time round. If anything both the two leading daily newspapers have been struggling to sell a respectable number of newspapers daily.

What is really worrying is that the editorial costs of covering the elections usually run into millions and the newspapers have never had any problems covering it because of the usual windfall circulation profits that start pouring in early in the year.

And falling circulation is not entirely their fault. The dwindling purchasing power of ordinary Kenyans that has now made a newspaper a luxury that most cannot afford, is the main culprit. Then technology has wrecked havoc. Lifestyles have actually been turned upside down by technology. For example in the 80s the first thing I would do when I got up in the morning was to turn on the radio. Why?

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1 comment:

Taabu said...

Chris wacha. Why are you insinuating that there is no money while the economic growth is soon hiting figures. You are a PAID HAND hand and an agent of DOOM.

That said all Kenyans need is a newmagazine worth the name ala WR. All we have as dailies offer nothing but the fm stuff albeit in print. The Nation of 70s-80 makes more sense than the present one. they had an agenda and matured it. Presently they are SLEEEPING on their hands and only gets accolades based on their fast-running out past. Not that Std is doing any better. But on politics, the Std's editorial boss despite his warts (na Kanu) is in a class of his own. Add Mwangi and Oscar then you nowadays see Gitau's byline as a reporter.

A critical view of every aspect of Kenyans' lives needs an overhaul. Politically we kiss tokensim as the best gift that ever landed on the geographical accident called Kenya. Religion we are second to none in shamelessly commercializing the church. So the media chaps are just being Kenyan. Make hay when the sun is still up.

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