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Friday, August 24, 2007

Correction On Mrs Kilimo's Story

In an earlier post I suggested that Linah Chebii Kilimo who recently defected to support President Mwai Kibaki's re-election bid did so from the Raila camp. This is NOT true. The usually alert Kumekucha even missed the words Mrs Kilimo used in explaining the reasons for her defection. She said clearly she had abandoned a split or half orange which surely has to be contaminated. The half orange is of course the symbol that identifies Kalonzo Musyoka's ODM faction, namely ODM-Kenya. The full orange is reserved for the original ODM.

I take this opportunity to apologize to my dear readers who place a lot of trust in the information I supply them with here daily, despite the jeers of some paid hands who pollute this blog. I would also like to thank my hawk eyed, readers and regulars who spotted the error immediately. This surely confirms that unlike the Kenya Government and Parliament, this blog surely has some very effective checks and balances that work. Not to mention our hawk-eyed well-loved Taabu (or is it Mwalimu Taabu?) Once again thanks guys. I don't know what I'd do without you all dear Kenyans and people.


Anonymous said...


I hope you posted this writeup "tongue-in-cheekly". Otherwise this was totally uncalled for.

What madam implied was that she would have been comfortable with Raila and Kalonzo sticking together (one orange), in one party and not splitting the orange (going separate ways).

According to her, a split orange is vulnerable to all sorts of infections and would be a hard sell to customers(read kenyans). The end result would be a defeat at the polls, a result she is uncomfortable with. The option, according to her, is to shift allegiance to Kibaki's team, from which she has benefited in the past, with the hope of benefiting in the future, i.e. this is the winning team.

Telling us that she left ODM-K (whose symbols are a full and split orange) and not ODM (whose symbol is a full orange) is 1) confusing; 2) misleading; and 3)made with a hidded agenda; not really hidden because you obviously want to absolve the ODM; team from blame.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Long time bro and I hope all's fine. Greetings from my friends

Says Simon

Anonymous said...


I will not pretend to understand the 'long time bro' thing. Please jog my memory abit. Politics seem to be clouding my memories...


Vikii said...

Chris once again you make an error while trying to correct another one. The symbol of the ODMK is not a split orange as you claim. It is a full orange embedded in the map of kenya, the ODm one is just an orange. Jebii was in Kalonzo's camp of course but what she meant was that when the orange team broke up she had no business waiting for a loss in the elections. She was joining the winning team.

I doubt you didnt know this. You, just like other people in your political school of thought just want to live in denial that the defection didnt affect your team adversely. You will keep denying that until everybody is left and it will not be long bro. The truth of the matter is that Jebii's defection is a huge loss to the opposition and I mean the whole lot of them.

Otieno said...

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luke said...

Otieno, you're still here? na bado mdomo mchafu? i told you i am junior e-cop around here my mwalimu taught me he's not far behind,i have no qualms dismissing you with the contempt you deserve any time any post any comment
stop hurling thinly veiled tribal insults you are now inciting antagonism and fanning the flames of hatred against other ethnic tribes of your own country. Fellow Kenyans, i know you read this blog from all corners of the world, this is the type of myopic dolt that stands in the way of a tribeless Kenya even in December's elections. condemn him without reservation then again if you don't want to waste breath on him i don't blame you. eyes wide open...

derek said...

Otieno, you are a numbskull. The lowest of the human character. CAD! Dirt-rag!

Taabu said...

Bw Otieno you are at it again. You have proved your consitency in being deft and dumb on anything housed above your neck. But all the same giving you the benefit of silence would make you engage reverse logic in celebrating obtuse folly. The e-cop will never fail in his religious duty to condemn you cheap shot. Brother you are such a shameless and unparelleled OAF.

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For good measure Bw. Otieno re-read your post above and replace Jebii with your MUM. If that doesn't turn the contents of your stomach then the zoo is left envious.

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